My Associations

Directorship in Other Companies
(Directorship in past as a GVFL nominee)

  • 20 Microns Limited – Mining and Manufacturing
  • Colortek (India) Limited - Manufacturing of Liquid Colors
  • Permionics (India) Limited – Water Purifier Manufacturing
  • Saraf Foods Limited – Freeze Dried Fruits and Veg. Manufacturing
  • E-cube (India) Limited – Mobile Commerce and Vending Machine Mfg.
  • Anupam Infosys Limited – Engineering IT Solution Provider
  • Net4Nuts Limited – Internet Company
  • Rapid Radio Solutions Pvt. Limited – RFID Company. (Investment Appraisal)
  • Limited – Internet Service Provider
  • Dinesh Polyber Pvt. Limited – Rubber Products for Defence
  • Sahjanand Laser Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Investment Appraisal)
  • H K Finechem Limited (Invite Member of Audit Committee)
  • E-infochips Limited (Invite Member of Audit Committee)
  • Neilsoft Limited (Invite Member if Audit Committee)

Served as ​​Monitoring Officer for:

  1. Colortek (India) Limited – Liquid Color manufactures, Turned Around, and successfully sold company to strategic investor.
  2. Saraf Foods Limited – Successful Divestment through Company & Promoter Buy Back, also helped Can bank Venture to get exit from Saraf Foods.
  3. Permionics (India) Limited – Successful Divestment through Promoters buy back.
  4. Neil Soft Limited – Engineering Solution Provider Company – Successful Exit in favor of Private Equity Player (Secondary Deal).
  5. E-Cube (India) Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company – M Commerce and Vending Machine Manufauring Company.
  6. 20 Microns Limited – Second & Third Round of Investment was done to bring down average cost of Investment and involved in preparation for IPO.
  7. Icenet.Net – Internet Service Provider, Successful divestment through Promoters Buy Back.
  8. E-infochips Limited – one of the most successful Company in IT Space, involved in preparation of IPO by engaging Merchant Bankers